Kira is Designing Her Life

Kira, from her very first blog post

Kira, from her very first blog post: While She Walks!

Kira Ross is completing her Junior year of high school. In many ways, she is like other high school students. And yet, she isn’t. Because Kira is not afraid to stand out. In fact, she wants to be different, and expresses that through her clothes – original designs she makes herself. Here is Kira …

MKG: Did you always love fashion?

KIRA: Yes, I always loved dressing myself in the mornings. It was my way of making the school day more interesting. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I started sewing my own clothes ad I became more ‘hands-on’ with my fashion interest.

MKG: What is it about fashion and self expression?

KIRA: I like wearing things that are different; I prefer to stand out than to be like everyone else. There’s a wall you have to get over – it’s more about whatyou think of yourself than what others think of you. Once you climb that wall, you just keep going further.

MKG: You will be graduating high school in a year. Do you want to have a career in fashion?

KIRA: I’ve thought about it, but I love math and science and engineering. I don’t know how I will continue in fashion but i know that I want to stay involved. I’ve been talking with my guidance counselor about elements of fashion that I can find in the engineering field – textile engineering might be an option.

MKG: Tell me about your blog. How did it start?

KIRA: I had been planning it out for half a year but I couldn’t get myself to publish anything. I was nervous that on one would read it. I sat on my computer for 6 months until last summer when I got the inspiration to start. The best part is that the reaction was so positive – it motivated me to keep going! My friends were so supportive. If I didn’t have that I would have given up. While She Walks is a way to share my designs and help others to find their inner creativity, too. I often create tutorials that walk others through the process.

MKG: I just met Ms. Katherine Winter; tell me about what you learned being co-lead on the costume crew?

KIRA: I learned that in the end, the point of everything, including the costumes, is to tell the story, so that the audience can stay connected to that story. And personally, I learned that I have the ability to lead with authority. As co crew-head, with 30 girls working with you, you have to be able to step up and lead them. I have always been a little shy and this opportunity helped me to find my voice.

MKG: Do you believe there is a connection between fashion and self esteem?

KIRA: Dressing myself and designing my own clothes is all about self expression. All I am asking myself in that moment of pure creation, is: ‘Do I feel good in this?’ I am not worrying about what anyone else thinks about me. I am only thinking of how I want to express myself. With fashion, people only see what you want them to see. That feeling of satisfaction is the ultimate in self esteem.

MKG: You have a special relationship with your mother and grandmother!

KIRA: Yes. I have learned so much from my mom and my grandmother. From the very beginning, my older sister and I would go into my mother’s closet and play dress-up. As we got older it became more about finding great styles. My mother is so stylish, it has always been easy to find treasures in her closet. My grandmother is also very stylish and what I love about her that she knows how to shop wisely and find great deals. Anyone can find something expensive but it is a real art to find great style at a good price. My grandmother is also so generous with me and my sister. I have learned so much from my mother and grandmother. Yes, my fashion story starts with my own family!

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