An Exhibit Honors the Fashion Forward

Models wear Schiaparelli clothing and hold an issue of Minotaure, a Surrealist magazine with a cover designed by Salvador Dalí.
Photographed by Cecil Beaton, Vogue, 1936 / Getty Images

St. Petersberg, Florida, is home to the Dalí Musuem’s new exhibit (opening Wednesday), “Dalí & Schiaparelli, In Daring Fashion,” honoring two creative forces in the art and fashion worlds: Salvador Dalí and Else Schiaparelli. In Vogue article, Steff Yotka, describes these artists and original thinkers: “Together they were an unstoppable force on the Parisian scene of the ’30s, he with his slicked-back hair, curled mustache, and stunts, she with a cutting wit and those leopard-skin boots. Between 1934 and 1936, each appeared on the cover of Time magazine. She was the first fashion designer and businesswoman to do so. But there’s another lens that makes the relationship between Surrealism’s most prolific artist and fashion’s most shocking designer even more interesting … At the core of Dalí’s and Schiaparelli’s work is an ideological mission to create something new. Both deeply believed that their work in art, fashion, film, advertisement, dance—whatever!—was in service of their quest for newness and novelty.”

Schiaparelli was the first to design a jumpsuit and design a fashion show set to music; Dalí introduced the world to the art hologram. I can only imagine the beauty and wonder inside this exhibit. Says the Dalí Museum’s director, Hank Hine, who selected and organized the artist’s works and designer’s couture pieces, Dalí & Schiaparelli “absolutely recognized each other’s genius and had a deep respect.” It brings true meaning to fashion forward!

“Dalí & Schiaparelli, In Daring Fashion” is open at The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida from October 18 through January 18, 2018.

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