This Holiday, Turn to a Tuxedo

Q-y1Zalxg4iKCODgSnA6_hxxBqyrdkioNNdyCWmbEPo,0U8_0vaMC8mc_4QT9DAhpvruqw2iiMV0SKQ266xXSEEVxQxbzz4yfA3_ZiQGAPBvcbEK218qKttr4cVbg9wJUs,qVP9AHw4syqAxkJr_8eI_pshmaOjbe3ww5zCkRXWT1QWhy not give your little black dress a rest this holiday? Turn to a tuxedo. Versatile and super-chic, tuxedo-dressing is a way to go sleek without being over-the-top dressy. And tuxedo dressing has moved way beyond the suit, with options and more creative ways than ever to incorporate tuxedo elements. In fact, a tuxedo need not be so formal – you can break it up to wear many different ways (I also wear my tuxedo blazer with jeans and a white tee). An added plus to tuxedo dressing? It moves from day to night with ease.

This holiday, turn to a tuxedo!

My outfit: tuxedo blazer, bebe; pants, vintage Gucci; sandals, Coach.

Photos by Sophie MacMillan; shot on location at Roots Steakhouse, Summit, New Jersey




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2 thoughts on “This Holiday, Turn to a Tuxedo

    • Thank you, Jenny. It’s lovely to hear from you and I honored for the compliment. I love the LBD, too. I often like to mix it up and wear an LBD for a casual occasion, and try simple tuxedo pieces for a dressier one. Happy Holidays! xx Mel

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