Mitn Derinnen

Credit: Patricia Saxton

Credit: Patricia Saxton

There is a Yiddish expression: Mitn derinnen, which means, ‘all of a sudden, or suddenly.’ My family always used this expression to mean: ‘in the middle of everything else!’ That’s how I felt yesterday, when, in the middle of everything I am going through right now: two graduations next week, an upcoming college orientation, not to mention summer transition from school … my computer broke. My dear computer, my companion of several years, which has served me and my family well, broke when I tripped and fell while carrying it.

So, I am off to take care of this and will be back to turn fashion out on Monday with a new story and hopefully, a new computer.

See you soon, and Happy Official Summer!


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2 thoughts on “Mitn Derinnen

  1. uh! that just stinks!!! How reliant we have all become on these things (that we didn’t even grow up with).

    I am always sorry for my dad that he passed away before the internet boon! He would have loved accessing so much information from his very own computer! But, then again, maybe he was saved…from the servitude to these wonderful, beastly things!!


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