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Models walk the runway for the Torrid show during NYFW on Sept. 12. (Photo: Getty Images)

A model sports an embroidered denim jacket and a floral dress at the Torrid show during NYFW. (Photo: Getty Images)

A model wears a sheer black lace dress at the Torrid show during NYFW. (Photo: Getty)

Something important happened a few days ago at New York Fashion Week; it had nothing to do with “it girls” on the runway or strategically-placed in the front row. And it had nothing to do with being a part of the unattainable world of the fashion insider. Torrid, one of the largest clothing brands to cater to women who wear sizes 10-30, made its NYFW debut. Featuring 40 curvy-sized models walking the runway, Torrid came to level the playing field and represent. In an interview with Reuters, Elizabeth Munoz, head of product and design for Torrid, said: “The fashion industry can keep passing and keep saying I‘m not going to acknowledge that but there’s going to be a point where we can’t ignore the fact that most of the available population to sell to is a size that they don’t make.

The Spring 2018 collection featured the models wearing floor-length, Bohemian-inspired maxi-dresses paired with leather jackets and embroidered denim jackets with floral prints. Torrid reworked the corset trend by introducing a black leather version detailed with intricate floral embroidery styled with sheer blouses and long floral gowns. The looks were soft with a hard edge and nicely modern. This was a first step in the direction of inclusivity for New York Fashion Week. Hopefully it will start a movement that continues to change the way people think of fashion for all. But it will be even more of an achievement when this news is no longer the exception and in fact, isn’t even a big deal at all.

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