Dressing for The Woman I Am Becoming

Every day, the clothing you choose reflects your style and the person you are; even when that person is changing and moving toward someone different. I have always loved feminine style and have dressed with feminine, sometimes girly touches. But something in me is changing and I am more aware that I am older, stronger, and more capable of handling life’s challenges than ever before. In other words, I am adding a bit of the masculine to my personality. When I found a glimpse of Kate Capshaw, a woman I admire for her simple yet stunning style, wearing a pantsuit with soft structure, I was immediately drawn to the image. That was the look that best describes where I am heading; strong, yet soft – powerful, yet gentle.

This outfit represents the new me; the Veronica Beard trousers have a soft yet structured look for a modern edge and the Bebe classic tuxedo blazer is a good match. The vintage Yves Saint Laurent blouse pulls the two together.

Sometimes you dress not only for the person you are but also for the person you are becoming! That is the power of clothes.

Photos by Abrina Hyatt

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