“I’m not buying that!”


P1000049 3On February 9th, British designer label, Peter Pilotto, will launch its collection with Target and for once, I won’t be there. Even with a new twist – the collection is simultaneously available on Net-a-Porter – I still won’t be there. I was there for the Missoni for Target launch; I was there for the Prabal Gurung for Target launch; I was there for the Phillip Lim for Target launch; I was even there when Target and Neiman Marcus launched its Holiday Collection. I fought the crowds and the crazy, just to have a chance to own high-end designer originals at a fraction of the price. Was it worth the hassle? I think so, because I love what I own and I know that I could never have afforded these pieces without Target’s prices. But now I would say no. Why? The collection is full of vibrant colors and campy prints, but it’s just too young for me. It’s made for a woman who doesn’t mind wearing crop tops and surf-inspired summery blends. The collaboration is fast-approaching but I prefer to dress my age. “I’m not buying that!”

Your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on ““I’m not buying that!”

    • Thank you for your comments, Gail. It’s important to know yourself and know what works and what doesn’t – no matter the savings, no matter what’s ‘in’. xx Mel

  1. I love it! Dress appropriately! That is not just something to repeat (over & over) to our kids BUT also we should be reminded to do the same! 🙂

  2. You sparked my curiosity to check the collection. OMG….and I loved it! LOL : )
    The uneven patterns remind me a little of the Desigual brand which I am always drawn to. However only a few of their pieces (among the many that I’ve tried), have tuned out to be appropriate for me.

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