Beauty lives in Notting Hill

The real Notting Hill garden

The real Notting Hill garden

Alex is a 40-something beauty blogger, who just happens to live in Notting Hill, London. Yes, that Notting Hill of movie fame: the Notting Hill, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. In the movie, you may remember when our characters discover a charming hidden-away garden? That’s where Alex lives; near that very garden! But I digress … Alex has started a wonderful beauty destination filled with practical product nformation, especially designed for women over 40. And that’s important, because things happen to our skin as we age, and it’s a good idea to nurture and care for our skin properly. More from Alex …

MKG: Alex, what compelled you to start your blog, I Heart Beauty?

Alex:  I wanted to do something that fit in easily with having a young daughter, and blogging does that perfectly. It’s a great way to keep your brain ticking, learn new things, indulge an interest, and make contact with like-minded people.

MKG: Why focus on beauty products and information? Is your background in beauty?

Alex: My professional background is in the music and media industries, but I’ve been interested in beauty since I was a little girl. My father worked in advertising, handled a lot of beauty accounts, and was always bringing home interesting products for me to play with. He became Managing Director of Vidal Sassoon, and after that he had his own toiletry companies. Basically, it’s a world in which I have always been aware, and my passion for beauty products has never waned. In fact, if anything, it’s grown stronger over the years.

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