My Cousin Drew, the Film and Television Mogul!

On set: Drew Ann Rosenberg

Drew Ann Rosenberg with Sex and a Girl cast members Angela Gots, Soleil Moon Frye, Alison Lohman and Lisa Brenner

Last night, as I watched the new show, Young Sheldon, on CBS, my heart filled with pride! Because my cousin Drew is one of two First-Assistant Directors on the show, who alternates running the set. I have always been proud of my cousin Drew and the tremendous work she has done to forge the way for women working in a male-dominated profession. With television, Drew explained that there is more of an opportunity for community, more connection as a family, and more women. And more of Drew! This is a very good thing. Several years ago I wrote this feature about my cousin Drew on TFIO. It seems like the right moment to share it again …

Drew Ann Rosenberg is a woman working in a male-dominated profession. She is in a unique position to lead the way for other women and inspire both women and men. Her fashion sense is thoughtful; as Drew puts it, she follows “a studied casualness.” In other words, every decision that Drew makes has purpose and consequence. Drew is a dynamic force: strong, confident, talented, beautiful, a leader, a creative visionary, and incredibly warm and loving. And I know, too, because Drew Ann Rosenberg happens to be – my cousin!

MKG: I remember growing up, you always had your distinctive look – completely you. A little boho-chic. Casual, but always cool. You are my younger cousin, but I looked up to you! Has your style changed over time? How would you describe it?

Drew: I would say that’s pretty much it now. The work I do is very physical; I am on my feet all day long, there is a lot of heavy equipment, lights, people moving, sometimes in tight spaces. I love to come up with something unique to wear with low-impact financially, in case it gets destroyed. That’s why I love to shop at used-clothing stores because I can find funky things at reasonable prices.

MKG: You are a woman in the film industry, which is uncommon. How does this affect how you choose to dress on set?

Drew: I work in a male-dominated world. And I am in a position of leadership in charge of the filming and the film crew. I am always conscious of that and of my need to look professional at all times. I choose to wear things that aren’t revealing or too tight, and stay away from anything that would distract the guys or cause them to stare. In other words, I need to tone down any sexuality. My goal is to remain attractive and commanding but not seductive.

MKG: Do you feel that clothes have power?

Drew: Absolutely! I think that clothes can express the very essence of who we are. My friends who have young daughters who are coming-of-age, often talk about their concern about the styles today; that their daughters are wearing clothing that expose too much. In my situation, I have to do the opposite. I want my clothes to say: confident and understated. Continue reading

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