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The Town Shop: my old friend

It was time. It had been well over a year since I bought a bra and I was sorely in need of a change. You know that moment when your clothes don’t look as flattering as they should? And just like a surprise visit from an old friend, I found myself in my old neighborhood, staring at the shop where I had first learned about the significance of the right-fitting bra. I have spoken about the importance of a good fit. It’s as vital as any element when shopping for clothes. But I haven’t gone deeper, or should I say closer, to the real you. And that means a good-fitting bra. We tend not to think about it but nothing does more for your look than wearing the right bra.

So, here I was – with Eddy – who began to tell me what women need to know. First, says Eddy, “bras are a necessity; they are not an option.” You need a good foundation. In fact, says Eddy, “Women will spend money on shoes and handbags, but neglect investing in their bras and undergarments. They go to Target and K-Mart and save money, but don’t have the right fit.” Here are some tips for buying a bra:

– remember to replace your bra after a year Continue reading

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