The Murray Brothers: Bringing Back The Cool to Golf

Bill Murray in February in a William Murray Golf shirt from the fall 2016 line (Credit Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

The last time I saw Bill Murray on a golf course was in the 1980 movie, Caddyshack  -(Murray played the deranged grounds keeper Carl Spackler!). I never knew that Bill Murray was one of six brothers. I never knew that growing up, he and his brothers (Ed, Brian, John, Joel, and Andy) worked as golf caddies at the same club, the Indian Hill Country Club in Winnetka, Illinois. And I never knew that this lifelong love of golf would inspire the Murray brothers to introduce a golf-apparel line, William Murray Golf, last fall.

Youngest brother Joel Murray, and the chief executive for Murray Brothers Golf, said the clothes are intended to inject liveliness into the sport. Says Murray, “You look at the golf world right now, it’s just not that cool. I’ve got boys that are 26, 25, and they’re not into golf like we were growing up. They think it takes too long.”  The line recently released its spring collection with polos in tropical flower patterns and baggy shorts of aqua camo reminiscent of the loud patterns of 1970s. The brothers plan to introduce two collections a year and eventually expand into light jackets, blazers and pants.

This family of brothers who love golf know how to bring a little irreverence to the game – pairing whimsy with practicality. Who knew??


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