A Personal Wedding Dress Story!

Whitney Houston's Marc Bouwer Wedding Dress

Whitney Houston’s one-of-a-kind Marc Bouwer Wedding Dress

Another dress. Another auction. She was not a princess. She was a mega singer – and one of the best in the world. She married at a time when her voice was everywhere on the radio. But this singer and this wedding will always be much more personal to me. Because the singer was Whitney Houston – and she was my next door neighbor. While the world was listening to her on the radio, I was listening to her from my backyard, recording music from her own studio. No one could ever know what hearing that stunning voice meant to me. When my parents were invited to her wedding, my heart started singing. I will always remember my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law, unapologetically situating ourselves at the entrance to her house, watching the cars enter and waving and talking to the guests – until the sun went down.

Yes, the story of this wedding dress is very personal.Whitney-Houston-Marc-Bouwer-Wedding-Gown-up-auction-1

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