Who is to Say What is Age-Appropriate?

_ypC9NRAmnVeVKaLctx5_W2HG4S4OmqzqPM3uUS0q6c,4fs_u-QFD_8bRtY53rRnKlTw-2dYfUnAAsn_ZJvIpLcLately I have been pondering the notion of age-appropriate dressing. I wonder: when is it okay to hold on to dressing habits and when is it time to break them and move to something more ‘age-appropriate?’ And who is to say??

Age-appropriate dressing is a mystery. If you are a woman in her 40s and 50s and beyond you start to question if your fashion choices are now too young for you. Or perhaps, you may be forcing yourself to dress older. What about styles you have always loved and choices you have taken for granted? There is no single moment when it hits you. There is only the shifting of life and the subtle changes to your body. Little by little you become aware that you are changing and that your clothes may no longer suit you. Continue reading

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