A Pop of Color in a Sea of Black

Photo by Alexandra

EILEEN FISHER and COVER GIRL saved me from a sea of black, with pops of color to warm my day. I love wearing black and it’s a staple for sure but it’s also true that I tend to overdue it as the weather cools. It’s about this time of year that I begin to watch the amount of black I wear and the potential for adding to the winter blues. Ever since I interviewed Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone® Color Institute – I am aware more than ever of the psychological impact of color and how wearing color affects our mood. Can wearing color actually make you feel better? In a recent interview, Eiseman said that when other people see someone wearing a bright color, they, too, might feel happier: “It’s interesting that it can start a chain reaction that creates a more positive energy for the person wearing the colors as well as those who observe the color.”

Eiseman also said if you’re feeling like your wardrobe (and your spirit) is a little under-the-weather, the addition of a bright scarf, colorful jewelry, or even vibrant shoes can go a long way. It needn’t be bright color top to toe, either; a little pop of color provides benefit because you know you are wearing color.

My pops of color? Blouse, EILEEN FISHER; lipstick, COVERGIRL

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Follow your style

O0Afn4lIv62sk7A-Sl_beRfs0Qya_qWU2EYJOlDMzg4,v0AL2RsdWDwjhlUd41OkoL3bpRkrRK2W1wwC356ytMYfppdC3hjH46XJqB5CTk8oU2GvEAI5anzOz1mEZL4gXk,_JvYN8vlxOummkLXx-SZLxDepw8xsKAwdJyZQEhelC8m4TEt02KAdADNzjZ2c4_zti1OW1469WBaNHuAnoykLw,fuk7KNTvSHAJvW6T9D2YL7FiBglhgoosPeOZFVGjTGUIt’s always best to follow your style. I like a simple, classic style. I guess because I am on the petite side, clothing that is full of detail or too trendy never works for me. If I don’t keep it simple, I feel like the clothes are wearing me. And that’s never good. What I like to do is focus on a good fit and color. And when Rivka said that we should refrain from wearing too much black, she was speaking to me. So this yellow, pea coat-style jacket is a classic, and pairs well with other favorites: jeans and a striped tee.

Jacket: Ralph Lauren Polo

Photos by Sophie MacMillanmZdSpfMDAeVJsFb5Sv1mojWKbLOlq-aepcXszPUzoeI,KokkGksIqFx0LPXSXZ35NQtv6IfjeL8zYRo338wYzSQ

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Marvelous Maggie!


Marvelous Maggie

“The scarf – a pinky-champagne – I bought on sale. It’s so long and has pale sequins that match so well that you can barely see them. Also, when in need, you can throw it down for a table runner! LOL!” ~ Maggie

I love it, marvelous Maggie! Happy Holidays!

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