Debra Winger On Aging and Fashion

Credit An Rong Xu for The New York Times

Last week I found Urban Cowboy on television, one of my favorite films from 1981, for its music and story – but mostly, because of Debra Winger! I loved her in that movie, as Sissy – so sexy in her black cowboy hat and sleeveless tee! That was the moment in her career where Debra Winger was everywhere … and then, she wasn’t. So it was with joy that I found news that Winger was at the Tribeca Film Festival, talking about her new film, The Lovers. Ruth La Ferla interviewed Winger over brunch, and she shared her views on aging and fashion. On aging, Winger says, “It’s hard to accept your aging face. You’ve got to be tough.” On fashion and her evolving style over time her comments made my smile: “It’s all about finding your groove at every age. I refuse to go into the future nomadic,” she all but rasped. “I’m not going to wear some tentlike schmatta that doesn’t say anything.” 

I love it! I, too, think about finding my groove, as my body shifts and I make small adjustments. But seriously, no tentlike schmattas for now, or ever, for any of us!

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