Your Boots and Bags Need Attention, too!

I was moving along my day when all of a sudden the strap to my everyday handbag broke! What to do with broken leather at a moment’s notice? I pull out my boots for the first wear of the season and notice the heel has worn down. The weather changes – you adjust to a different handbag, the boots come out, the shoes need to be sturdier. This is the time to make sure you have a reliable shoe and leather repair source.

I have been going to Rago Brothers – a family run local cobbler – for their expertise and quality craftsmanship. They were the ones I turned to when that handbag strap broke. They are the ones I visit when the season begins and my boots need attention. When I last interviewed Tom Rago about the importance of maintaining our shoes and boots, he put it this way: “General maintenance is important to keeping shoes looking new. You take your suit to be dry-cleaned every two-three times you wear it; you should do the same with your shoes.

Find a local resource to help you when you need to repair your well-loved shoes, boots, and bags. They need our attention and this is the season. Your self esteem will get a boost from the care, and you will feel more confident, knowing that you are preserving your things longer and saving yourself from buying new all the time.

Photos taken by my dear friend Patricia Saxton!

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