Dedication to a Beautiful Friendship

I dedicate this post to my dear friend, Michal, who is moving tomorrow, returning to her home in Israel. Michal took this picture of me for a feature I wrote about how my exercising changed when I treated myself to the right clothes. You see, a few years ago I came to Michal’s class uncertain and fearful. I hadn’t exercised in years and I was feeling my age. I began to exercise in sweats and shame. Every moment was uncomfortable for me. But Michal made me see the light – that movement and good heath and vibrancy were not only possible but doable! Yes, I bought the right clothes and spent the money at Lululemon to step up my game, but that was only the beginning. It was working with Michal and having her support me every week that really changed me. She helped me to see that movement will always keep me strong, and that I deserve to feel good. She helped me to feel my inner power, dare I say – Goddess – and push away the fear that was holding me back. I am not saying that I never feel fear; I do, but I am different now. I now look at the fear and keep moving forward.

I, and our wonderful class of new friends, will miss you, Michal. But you are in our lives forever. And you must know that you gave me a gift that is taking me forward as I hope to age gracefully and powerfully. There is an expression: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Thank you for giving me my first day. Love you.

Photos, Michal Efron; shot on location at Mondo Summit

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