My Loehmann’s Woe: Where did you go?

Loehmann's, January 10, 2014 - liquidation has begun ...
The old Loehmann’s; an actual store
The New Loehmann's - online-only shopping destination
The New Loehmann’s; an online-only shopping destination

In the past few days, my mailbox has been filling up with messages from Loehmann’s. You heard me: Loehmann’s. At first, I was thrilled. Could it be that it had all been a bad dream, and Loehmann’s never really went out of business? Was it all in my head? The thrill quickly turned to extreme disappointment, when I reviewed the advertisements more closely and saw that they read: The New Loehmann’s. In the back of my mind, I remember that this was coming: the new online-only version of Loehmann’s. And yes, I remember saying to myself then, and here on the blog as well, that an online only Loehmann’s is a contradiction. It does not make sense. Because the magic of Loehmann’s was in the store itself; in the aisles and in the dressing rooms. Especially, the dressing rooms. Join me in today’s podcast as I ponder this sad-but-true new reality for Loehmann’s and for us shoppers …

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