I’m not buying that!

P1000049 3Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season … and wishing that we all remember to be kind along the way. I had a need to run to the mall yesterday. You know, the very thing you are not supposed to do the day before Christmas. But it couldn’t be helped. What I discovered was madness and rudeness in the parking lot; people scurrying in and out of spots wearing that evil-eye that says, “don’t even think about taking this spot. It’s mine,” people honking – at who? what?, why?, people feeling so much stress that they were driving just a little too fast and rounding corners a little too tightly. By the time I finally parked my car and entered the mall, I was on edge. The racks of sweaters and blouses seemed to be glaring at me. Is this the way to purchase clothes?

But then I took a deep breath and looked in to the happy faces of the children sitting with Santa, and I overheard a young girl reading a book aloud about ‘how mommy loves me’ as she walked through the store, and I breathed and I smiled and I remembered. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, it is the season of joy and peace and friends and family and love and kindness. I refuse to believe that this is the season of putting-something-over-on-someone. I’m not buying that!

Your thoughts?

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