My Son’s First Suit

Optimized-P1050774My 16 year-old is attending his first dance tonight and although I was banned from showing the suit with him in it, he never said anything about sharing what it means to me to shop for his first suit. At least I hope not. I guess a little of my love of fashion has rubbed off on him. When he told me that he needed a new outfit (why am I always tempted to call my boys’ clothes outfits?). I assumed that he meant a blazer and a pair of trousers. But he meant a suit. The two of us entered the Men’s Department at Nordstrom ready to look at suits. We joined the other men receiving personal attention from sales associates, and Mila showed us what was available in Cameron’s size. Fortunately, there were several styles on sale and I think it was the second suit that spoke to him. It was a modern-cut, slim-leg, Hugo Boss suit – grey with brown undertones. I saw the glimmer in his eyes and I knew this was the one. We proceeded to the dressing rooms where Cameron tried it on as I waited in the waiting area. When he came out I felt like crying but of course I didn’t want to embarrass him (so much I do embarrasses him these days!). He looked so grownup and I saw his adult life flash before my eyes. He looked at me for approval and I said it was perfect, it was his suit. The tailor came out and made minor adjustments (again, I felt like crying). We left Nordstrom happy and satisfied, son and mother. We were still the same people but we were different somehow, as if we had crossed an invisible line into the future.

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