This Thanksgiving Eve, I feel grateful for so much …

Happy Thanksgiving! Me with my two boys (taken a few years ago, at least!)

A favorite picture of me and my two boys, a few years ago, at The Outer Banks

My family is visiting this holiday: Thanksgiving dinner at my house with my sister-in-law and her family and brunch on Friday with my parents, my aunt and my cousin and her family, whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. I am grateful that my house will be filled with love and food. I hope I don’t burn anything! I am grateful for so much more – my family, my friends, my good health and you, my dear friends, who tune in to follow me and those who have shared their amazing stories, as we turn fashion inside out!

I hope you will join me tomorrow for my podcast, as I speak with Los Angeles stylist and creator of the WEN product line, Chaz Dean. I am grateful for my conversation with this kind and amazing person.


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