Considered online swimsuit shopping??

My Lisa Curran Swim One-Piece - "Clare"

My Lisa Curran Swim Clare One-Piece

Shopping for a swimsuit is a tricky business. The thought of stripping down and exposing yourself to the harsh lights that laugh at your every dimple is daunting, to say the least. Perhaps that’s why I have hung on to my tried-and-true swimsuits for a few years, even when they are clearly past their prime, preserving them and treating them with great care so that I can avoid the process just one more year. But all the gentle care in the world can’t change the fact that I need a new swimsuit – and fast, because the weather is warming up quickly. Isn’t there another way to shop? …

The answer is: yes! You can shop for a swimsuit online. I have never considered online swimsuit shopping; like many other women I simply braved those harsh fluorescent department store lights and small, cramped dressing rooms – hoping for the best. But this time I wanted to try something different and the thought of shopping in the comfort of my own home was enticing. I also wanted something specific: a swimsuit from the Lisa Curran Swim collection. I met Lisa last fall when I interviewed her and was inspired not only by her personal story but also by her desire to design the highest quality swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes … Continue reading

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