The Future of Zero Waste

Daniel Silverstein and Lauren Singer, courtesy of Package Free Shop

The numbers are staggering: The average American produces approximately four and a half pounds of trash per person, per day. My friends, fashion designer and originator of Zero Waste Daniel, Daniel Silverstein and Lauren Singer, creator of Trash for Tossers and an expert on sustainable living, both of whom I have featured several times on TFIO, have taken their commitment to zero waste living to the next level by opening Package Free Shop. Package Free Shop (Brooklyn, NY) is a way for consumers to find a practical space and hub to learn about sustainable living and creating zero waste. “The reason that we started this store was because the hardest part to going waste-free was finding all the tools that you needed to live a sustainable lifestyle in a convenient way … We really believe that every positive change when it comes to the environment and environmental sustainability, is positive.” says Lauren.

I am making my way to Brooklyn to see my friends again, and to learn more and do my part …

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“Fashion really is getting away with murder,” says Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney at London College of Fashion, November 14, 2016; Dave Benett/Getty Images for Kering

Fashion is one of the most harmful industries on the planet, and I think people are a little more aware of that now.”  ~ Stella McCartney

Monday night, Stella McCartney was the guest speaker at the London College of Fashion for a sustainability-themed talk, hosted by her label’s parent company, Kering. How I would have loved to hear this conversation in person – I admire McCartney’s willingness to go beyond awareness of a situation to actually activating change. Fifteen years ago when McCartney launched her label, she said she was “ridiculed” for banning leather and fur from her collections: “I was told definitely I would not have a business, I wouldn’t have an accessories business…by people I worked with, that I looked up to.” But sales have been “in the double digits … for a while now,” and her commitment to producing products that are entirely vegetarian, has paid off. Raising awareness and making us consumers accountable is her mission. I’m buying it!

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Trash Talk from Emma Watson

Emma Watson in a custom-made Calvin Klein

Emma Watson in a custom-made Calvin Klein

Truly beautiful things should be worn again and again and again,” ~ Emma Watson

Monday night was the 2016 Met Ball Gala – some outfits were outrageous, some sublime – but there was one that stood out, not simply for the style but for the words of wisdom behind the fashion. Emma Watson’s custom-made Calvin Klein dress was a statement about sustainability and preservation from the actress and activist herself. In her Facebook page , Watson explained the design and fabrication of the dress: “Thank you Calvin Klein & Eco Age for collaborating with me and creating the most amazing gown. I am proud to say it is truly sustainable and represents a connection between myself and all the people in the supply chain who played a role in creating it … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Maya Albanese

Maya Albanese - Photo credit Maya Albanese

Maya Albanese – Photo credit Maya Albanese

I discovered Maya Albanese through her work, watching her film on the website, PopSugar, about a day in the life of celebrity fashion stylist, Anita Patrickson. I enjoyed it so much that I shared it on TFIO. It did not take me long to see that there was much to admire about Maya – her talents and her passion for justice guide her in a most positive way. Maya is a multimedia reporter, producer, and film director, who covers music, social justice, sustainability, Latin America, and innovation in food, fashion, and technology. But there is something bigger, something that enables her to delve deeper into the world: her warm and inclusive heart. Here is Maya …

MKG: Tell me a bit about how/where you grew up?

MAYA: I always say “I grew up in the world”…I was born in Vermont, but I have lived in 5 states (Vermont, Michigan, Ohio, New York, and California) and 5 countries up until today.

MKG: Your passions are far-reaching. What do you consider the important issues that guide you?

MAYA: I wake up every morning concerned about how the world can be a better place for people, and that involves maintaining a healthy planet and environment. The connection between people and nature, and how we can resolve dissonance occurring between the two right now – that is just one of the issues that drives me.

MKG: What inspires you?

MAYA: Art. Film. Music. I’m inspired by anyone who speaks through his/her creative self, whether that’s painting walls or singing from the heart, or producing media that is outside-of-the-box, making people think in new and different ways. Continue reading

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“Sustainabilty Doesn’t Mean Compromising Fashion” says Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Reveals Exclusive Collection with H&M

Courtesy: H&M –  Olivia Wilde Reveals H&M Exclusive Collection

Courtesy: H&M - My favorite look from the collection

Courtesy: H&M – My favorite look from the collection

Sustainability has got a bad reputation, especially in fashion … I hope the collection empowers women around the world who love fashion but want to consume it in a more sustainable way. It gives them the chance to look their best, and also act responsibly. I also hope the rest of the fashion industry is watching.” ~ Olivia Wilde

On April 16, H&M will launch its new Conscious Exclusive collection, showcasing clothing made of sustainable materials. It will be available in about 200 H&M stores and online. The new collection is being modeled exclusively by Olivia Wilde, who is a strong supporter of sustainability in the fashion industry. And Ms. Wilde says that H&M is “doing a great thing by showing people that sustainability doesn’t mean compromising fashion.” I agree. This soon-to-be-launched collection features beautiful pieces: dresses, tuxedo jackets, tops and skirts. My favorite is the halter jumpsuit with sash belt. No compromises here.

The new Conscious Exclusive collection uses sustainable fabrics like hemp, organic linen, silk, and organic cotton. Fast fashion? Maybe not so much. I’m buying it!

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