Save Your Suede!

… the after. Like-new suede shoes!

Most of us buy suede shoes for their rich luster and elegant finish. Suede is luscious! Yet slowly and ever so subtly, that same silky suede finish fades and loses its shine. You won’t necessarily notice it happening but one day you will look at your shoes and they will have become – ordinary. Tempted as you will be to buy new shoes, there is something you can do to bring your shoes back to life and save yourself money at the same time: suede dye. Applying suede dye is simple and won’t take too much time. You will make a little mess (I recommend newspaper for a bit of dripping dye), and you need to give it time to apply, dry, and re-apply … but these are manageable steps. Here are some tips for applying:

  • before applying the suede dye use a suede brush to smooth out the surface of your shoes
  • be prepared for a little mess; set up newspapers to catch any drippings and add newspapers to the inside of your shoes to protect the insides from dye
  • after applying the first coat and letting it dry, apply a second – make sure you give enough time and outdoor space to complete the job thoroughly
  • don’t try a color (other than black) unless you know for sure it is the exact color of your shoes (I made that mistake and bought navy dye only to discover that my shoes, more of an indigo blue, turned a goldish color!). Black, on the other hand, is always a win-win!

I ordered my dye on Amazon for less than $10.00, and I saved my wedge shoes and my favorite suede and leather Rachel Comey boots that I have owned for years! And the best part is that I can keep them forever young with the same suede dye when they need a refresher next winter. Save your suede – buy new shoes only when you want to and not because you’re forced to!

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