Kim Naci’s LUSTY Adventure!

Kim Naci

Kim Naci

Meeting fashion therapist and stylist Kim Naci changed my life. She gave me (someone who has always loved what clothes can do for my sense of self) more confidence and understanding that I am worth the time and the effort to dress my best. Until I met Kim and had her clear out my closet and my mental cobwebs, I wasn’t treating myself the best that I could. It was her skill yes, but it was much more than that; it was Kim’s huge heart, warmth, and wit. I just wanted to hug her all the time! So last fall, when Kim told me that she was working on a secret television assignment, I knew it would be special. And it was. Kim has been working as the lead stylist on the TLC series with fashion expert, Stacy London: Love, Lust, or Run! (The show airs Friday nights at 9/8C). Yes, tune in tonight to see this heartwarming fashion ‘make-under’ experience. But in the meantime, here is Kim to tell us about the show from a bird’s-eye view …

MKG: How long have you known Stacy London?

KIM: Stacy and I met over 4 years ago during the launch of her {now defunct} agency Style For Hire. I was tapped by Stacy to execute a training workshop for the incoming stylists.

MKG: The moment you were told you would be the lead stylist of Stacy London’s new show, Love, Lust, or Run – what went through your mind?

KIM: Great question! Until then, my experience had been styling private clients and magazines, both digital and print. This was going to be my first foray into television which had been long-time goal. And what better way than to join my friend and colleague, Stacy London? Continue reading

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