OOh, I have to have that!!

Ooh, I have to have that necklace!

Ooh, I have to have that!,” I say, as I pass a window: I have said it so often and in front of so many windows that I am abnormally great at it. If I look back at my life I realize that I have purchased my most precious things after passing them in windows. Not just for what they are but also for how they make me feel. I bought my white down coat by Searle 20 years ago when driving past a window in NYC – I got home, called the store and had it shipped to my house in NJ. A few years ago, while on vacation in my beloved Outer Banks, I saw a simple black summer dress by Splendid in the window – tried it on and bought it on the spot. Five years ago, when I was trying to push through my fears and start exercising it was seeing these super-cool pink camo yoga pants in the window at Lululemon that caught my eye and got me moving. When I bought them I took my first step to changing my health. And it was this necklace that has become my all-time go-to; while walking the streets of Soho, New York, I saw this unique accessory and I knew that I had to have it. I had never seen anything like it before – the textures and fabrics were a unique combination that drew me into the boutique. Of course it was the only one of its kind and I bought it! I always get comments when I wear it – it is a conversation starter.

Windows are the gateway to our dreams, what happens when we press our noses to the possibilities and make them our own. When you see something in a window and buy it, you take the unobtainable and will it into your closet. To literally window-shop is to make your imagination your reality. It is no wonder that all of these purchases are my favorites.

Photos by Kendra Olson

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Remembering My Style During Summer Vacation

My go-to dress in the summer - by Splendid: photo by Kim Naci

My go-to dress in the summer – by Splendid: photo by Kim Naci

I have been on vacation this week. After spending a few days in a lovely beach town, I was reminded of an essential fashion fact: stay true to your own style. This is a lesson hard-learned, especially growing up a woman. It starts in the middle school years – that feeling that you have to look like everyone else in order to fit in. And so you tell your mom that you have to have a certain kind of clothing in order to be successful (your mom, wanting to help you, will be tempted to succumb to your whims in order to help!). It gets better once you enter high school and begin the process of wanting to stand out – even if just a bit. And so you experiment with new styles and explore different attitudes, but the truth is that the need to fit in rears its head at different points in your life, especially when you find yourself in new environments. It did again for me when I started college – a very preppy college – and found myself in a sea of pink and green with nothing to wear! (I have shared the story of how my darling mother bought me several fair isle sweaters in various colors while on my first break from school freshman year. I returned with my sweaters and wore them a few times before leaving them in the closet for good and embracing my true style). Moving on in life, with each new setting, with each transition, the need to fit in is a tempting pull.

But the beauty of growing up and finding your way is identifying when you know yourself and your style. And even though you may feel unsure entering a new environment, you eventually realize that your individual style is what will help you feel stronger – on your own. When I walked through this beautiful town on the beach I wanted very much to treat myself to a piece of clothing – something that would always remind me of being on holiday. But I couldn’t find it. Everything looked the same to me and though the style of the town was lovely – it wasn’t mine. I didn’t want to look like everyone else; I wanted to look like me.  So I left the beach having bought nothing, wearing my tried-and-true jean shorts with a tee, and the last favorite article of clothing I bought on summer holiday a few years ago: my black dress.



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Why Birthdays Make You Think … About Your Clothes


Today is my birthday; I will be celebrating with my family and friends and I will think about the clothes I wear. Not because I care about the clothes (which I do) but because I care that I am presenting the best version of me to the world. Sure there is the inevitable I am a year older and what am I doing with my life?’ question. But mostly, birthdays make me think about what it means to be the best version of myself. Since starting this blog three years ago I have been pondering the connection between the clothes we wear and how they make us feel about ourselves. The older I get the more I see that the outer covering is a direct reflection of the inner me. If I take time to give my daily wardrobe attention I am saying to myself that I matter and that I am worth the effort.

This is the outfit I am choosing to wear today – my birthday – this time of inner reflection.

Photo by Kim Naci; dress, Splendid

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Courtney says, “Swoop and Scoop!”

Find a good bra fitter, like Courtney

Find the right-fitting bra and a knowledgeable fitter, like Courtney

When you’re wearing the wrong bra size your clothes don’t look right. You become so hard on yourself and your body image takes a hit. But when you try on the right bra and see what you have been missing and how your clothes should fit, you realize that it’s not you. It’s the bra!” ~ Courtney Auchter

When I heard Halle Berry this week, talking about French women and the close attention they pay to their lingerie, I took a long, hard look at my own bras. I have written about the importance of a good-fitting bra and I certainly stand by my words, but somehow, I lost my own way. I have been wearing the same bra every day for far too long. It was time for me to do something about it.

Wearing a v-neck tee by Splendid I took myself to Nordstrom, the right destination for professional bra fitters. Once there, Courtney Auchter took care of me from start to finish. As she and I entered the dressing room I remarked that I was embarrassed to show her the state of my bra. Courtney was sweet and understanding; there was no judgment. She began by measuring me and we went from there. Continue reading

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How do I feel today? Splendid, thank you!

P1040961P1040974I found this dress while on vacation. Which is funny, because when I wear this simple, chic dress by Splendid, it feels summery, yes, but also “un-beachy,” and as sophisticated as any other little black dress I own. How do I feel today? Splendid, thank you!

My pops-of-color accessories? Prabal Gurung-for-Target sandals, and Cole Haan blue handbag (not to mention a NY yellow taxi!).

Photos by Kim Naci

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Camo is the new khaki

IMGP0662 2IMGP0698IMGP0677As the weather warms and the daffodils burst onto the spring scene, I pass over my jeans for a lighter weight pant. In the past, that has meant a pair of khakis: cropped, long, bootcut or slim leg, khakis have been a spring staple. But I am bored with khakis this year, and I couldn’t find a pair that had the perfect fit. My solution: camo pants! I wear them the same way I would wear khakis, with a t-shirt and sandals, or in this case, nude pumps, and I am good to go. This outfit: camo pants by Madewell, v-neck tee by Splendid (recommended by Cupcakes and Cashmere…thank you, Emily!), and shoes by Vince Camuto, because every girl needs a pair of nude pumps.

Photos by Alexandra, shot on location at Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit, New Jersey

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