Too young for the salon?

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Seventeen years ago I took myself to a salon for my first bikini wax. I was about to get married and someone said it would be a good idea. Not wanting to seem unkempt I shaved before I went. Needless to say, my appointment lasted two seconds, as I’m sure the professional had a good laugh as I took my naive self out the door. That was my first spa treatment. A few weeks later a professional applied make-up for my big day – another first for me. Boy, have times changed!

Today teens are pros at spa treatments and apparently girls are visiting salons earlier than ever. Last week ABC’s Good Morning America spotlighted young girls visiting salons, some as young as toddlers, for facials, hair treatments and mani-pedis. I asked myself why? …

I am not saying to wait until your mid-30’s as I did to check out a salon for the first time. But really, how young is too young for the salon and what are we doing to our young girls’ self esteem when we place so much emphasis on what is on the outside at such a young age? I think it is worth asking.

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