Super Luscious and Splendid!

We believe that home is truly where the heart is and that you should be able to bring a little piece of it with you everywhere you go. That’s why what we create fits seamlessly into your life. Filled with color, softness, and a hint of playfulness. It’s casual, but polished. So no matter what you’re doing you always look as good as you feel in these moments. ~ Splendid

Finding softness in a pair of pants is the ultimate in securing the California vibe! I haven’t lived in LA since I was a young teenager but it doesn’t take long for me to recapture the feeling of living under its sunny umbrella. If home is where the heart is then I will always be at home in the simple style of California dressing. Playful and colorful, with the feel of a soft pillow, these periwinkle blue Splendid pants say LA, with style, substance, and softness.

Photo by Hannah Walker

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