Prabal Gurung Rings In

Photograph by Christaan Felber for Bloomberg Businessweek

Photograph by Christaan Felber for Bloomberg Businessweek

I wanted to have a deeper and bigger conversation about fashion. Fashion can no longer be an exclusive club for a certain size only. Fashion is an idea, it’s a dream, it’s an emotion, it’s an aspiration that should be allowed for various people who understand your aesthetic.Prabal Gurung

I was one of the throngs who ran-didn’t-walk to the Prabal Gurung/Target collaboration a few years ago; a chance to own something from this fresh, new designer was too compelling. And I ended up with a summer dress and crystal necklace that I would never have been able to afford otherwise. In this new interview with Gurung, he addresses this collaboration with Target and the one next year with Lane Bryant: “I’ve always wanted to create a luxury brand with a soul. When you’re at a certain price point, you’re already alienating a lot of your consumer base.”

Gurung goes on to say that there is sizeism in the fashion world – no doubt about it. He says it is getting better and that the conventional idea of beauty is “no longer a size zero” but there is still a long way to go. I love that he is willing to change the conversation and bring his brand to a higher standard. I love that Gurung, who is from Napal, embraces not only his heritage but also the knowledge that he grew up different and that difference led to the right path for him. And I love that Gurung started a foundation (The Shikshya Foundation Nepal to educate poor children) that is actually saving lives and making a difference. I think he is achieving his goal of creating a luxury brand with a soul.

At Sardi's - wearing my Prabal Gurung for Target dress

At Sardi’s – wearing my Prabal Gurung for Target dress and crystal necklace



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