The Real Fashion Warriors

Photo courtesy of flickr/Viva Vanista

A Sales Associate: Photo courtesy of flickr/Viva Vanista

Long before you walk into a store to shop and well after you leave, there is a world of behind-the-scenes activity that you never knew existed, thanks to the very hard work of the true fashion warriors – the sales associates. We may have just celebrated the Fourth of July but today I feel like honoring Labor Day. After my first few weeks as a client specialist at Talbots, I am acutely aware of those on the battle field of the fashion experience and how much we owe to them. They are the ones who stay close and personal with the customers and the product and they are the ones who set the stage for the day and tear it down just to bring it back again the next morning. And it is all done with seamless precision. I think of myself as a considerate shopper, but I never really thought about the fact that as soon as I put down an article of clothing someone is right there to fold it neatly and put it back in its proper place.

I hope you will take a moment to think about them the next time you shop. They work hard to make the shopping experience a pleasurable and productive one for us all. They are the real fashion warriors!

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When shopping for food is fashionable …

Shopping at the farmer's market: Photo credit, Alexandra

Shopping at the farmer’s market: Photo credit, Alexandra

You found me out. I am much more fond of shopping for local food at the farmer’s market, than I will ever be shopping for clothes. Hanging out at the farmer’s market is good for the soul: supporting local farmers, buying fresh food, seeing friends and neighbors, and filling your bag with color and yumminess. I do love to own pretty clothes and accessories, but I will never be fond of shopping for them. I often feel stress when shopping for clothes, while shopping for food at the local market does the opposite for me. My market just opened for the season; I hope you have one in your neighborhood. Continue reading

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Betsey Johnson at the wedding

Betsey Johnson 's magic dress

At the wedding

When I planned my outfit for this wedding, I knew in my heart there was only one dress to wear: my Betsey Johnson black velvet wrap dress. Sleek and slimming, sophisticated yet flirty, this dress is the perfect choice. I have had a long-standing love affair with designer Betsey Johnson; ever since the 1970s, when I was a teen shopping with my mom on our Saturday morning adventures. My mom introduced me to Betsey Johnson, who, at the time, was designing under the label Betsey Johnson Alley Cat. It was not long after that I began to borrow her Betsey Johnson treasures. Eventually, the much-coveted red-plaid corduroy jacket with puffed sleeves became mine. Thank you for that, Mom. I wish I had it now.

It’s so nice to know that Betsey Johnson is still sharing her designs for new generations to enjoy. Perhaps there is a mother-daughter team out there right now, shopping on a Saturday morning, and the mother is introducing her daughter to the magic that is Betsey Johnson.

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