Shopping Local and With Heart

The Team of Willow St. Gives to The Community Food Bank of New Jersey; courtesy Willow St.

“Every little bit counts. And in these times I think it’s time for all of us to come together as a community, put down our cell phones, give someone a smile, give someone a hug. I want to get back to the basics, support each other and our community – shopping local and small is a great way to start.” Lezli Salz-Bradley, Owner Willow St.

Last night a favorite local Summit boutique, Willow St. held its 2nd annual Fall Fashion Show (with a shopping party to follow). Owner Lezli spoke before the event, thanking the audience and her valued customers for their support for 23 years. For the shopping portion of the evening, Willow St. donated 10% of the shopping proceeds to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Before the show, Lezli talked about her favorite fall fashion trends seen in the , including velvet. “Velvet is my most favorite trend of the season. Kind of like velvet on everything – velvet shoes, velvet blazers – it really takes the most boring outfit and gives it a big pump … you can just do anything with velvet.” Other trends seen in the show included sneakers, ruffled/billowy sleeves, and studs. Lezli, I hear you on the velvet!!

It was a fun night of fashion and music but the best part was shopping local with community, and shopping with heart!

WillowSt. is located in Summit and Morristown, New Jersey. Here are Lezli’s 5 Fashion Trends of the Fall Season

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