Fashion Versatility

Photo by Linda Colarusso

Today, my outfit was a soft pair of light pink chenille pants paired with a black blazer, blouse with a tie, and kitten heels. I felt like being dressy. Yesterday, I wore bell-bottom camel-colored pants with a peach-colored sweater, comfortable and easy. And the day before it was a long black skirt with super-high wedge black boots for an added edge. There was a moment this morning as I was getting dressed, when I asked myself if it was okay that my outfit today was so different from the one I wore yesterday. I actually started to question myself – isn’t it weird to dress so differently, one day from another? But then … I came to my senses! Fashion isn’t about sticking with a theme or dressing of one attitude one day to the next. Fashion is about self expression and allowing your clothes on the outside to reflect your mood on the inside. Who feels the same way every day?

It’s okay to present one version of yourself one day, and another version the next. It’s no big commitment, either – easy to change, easy to update – just a chance to express yourself for the day. This is simply, fashion versatility!

Your thoughts?

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