Can we ‘Roar’ with The Granthams once more?

The cast of Downton Abbey, Season Four

The cast of Downton Abbey, Season Four

Like me, you might have had your television tuned to PBS last night for the premiere of Season Four’s Downton Abbey. And like me, you waited, uncertain, to see how the show would go on after the incredibly sad demise of Matthew in a car crash the last few moments of Season Three.

Season Four starts six months after Matthew’s death. The year is 1922, ten years since Season One premiered with the sinking of The Titanic. Familiar faces returning, some surprises? Definitely. And welcome to the other member of The Grantham Household: the fashions of the times. I happily note the changes in the new fashions and I imagine we will continue to see the women dressed more comfortably and less constricted, with new elements of freedom and flair. Continue reading

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