OOh, I have to have that!!

Ooh, I have to have that necklace!

Ooh, I have to have that!,” I say, as I pass a window: I have said it so often and in front of so many windows that I am abnormally great at it. If I look back at my life I realize that I have purchased my most precious things after passing them in windows. Not just for what they are but also for how they make me feel. I bought my white down coat by Searle 20 years ago when driving past a window in NYC – I got home, called the store and had it shipped to my house in NJ. A few years ago, while on vacation in my beloved Outer Banks, I saw a simple black summer dress by Splendid in the window – tried it on and bought it on the spot. Five years ago, when I was trying to push through my fears and start exercising it was seeing these super-cool pink camo yoga pants in the window at Lululemon that caught my eye and got me moving. When I bought them I took my first step to changing my health. And it was this necklace that has become my all-time go-to; while walking the streets of Soho, New York, I saw this unique accessory and I knew that I had to have it. I had never seen anything like it before – the textures and fabrics were a unique combination that drew me into the boutique. Of course it was the only one of its kind and I bought it! I always get comments when I wear it – it is a conversation starter.

Windows are the gateway to our dreams, what happens when we press our noses to the possibilities and make them our own. When you see something in a window and buy it, you take the unobtainable and will it into your closet. To literally window-shop is to make your imagination your reality. It is no wonder that all of these purchases are my favorites.

Photos by Kendra Olson

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Keeping Winter White Clean

Optimized-IMGP0273-2Optimized-IMGP0300-2This white Searle coat (seen here with my shadow on Groundhog Day a few years ago) has a great story. Ten years ago, while driving through New York City, I saw this sparkling white coat in the window at Searle. I had just watched a movie where the lead character had a long white coat and when I saw this – I had to have it! I got home, called the store, and had it shipped to my house in New Jersey. And I have been enjoying it ever since. What I haven’t been doing, is cleaning it.

I don’t know why but for some reason I don’t think about cleaning my coats as I do other parts of my wardrobe. Perhaps it’s because I don’t wear them as often as I do other pieces of clothing. But this coat is a crisp white and I should have been cleaning it. I decided to take it to the cleaner and when I picked it up it was like owning a brand, new coat. I encourage you to do the same: take inventory of your coats and have them cleaned. They are the first thing we see in the winter months and are too important to ignore.

By the way, I think the Groundhog did not see his shadow yesterday – does that mean early spring?  If so, I had better enjoy my winter white coat while I can!

Photos by Alexandra

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