The Banana Shirt Goes on Summer Vacation

Optimized-P1050668Today my banana shirt is in Richmond, Virginia enjoying the hospitality of family and the charm of this beautiful city and surrounding areas. This unique tee is Dolce & Gabbana, purchased several years ago at my favorite consignment shop. It is a summer favorite and travels with me on vacations. The very same camo banana shirt and cut-offs took a snooze with me on a lazy afternoon and shopped at a local Lilly Pulitzer store at the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am definitely going bananas!P1030938


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Jenny: She does it all

Jenny with her family

Jenny lives in Richmond, Virginia, is married, and a mother of four children (ages 13, 11, 3 and almost 2). Thanks to her eight years in the US Navy and the training and leadership it provided, she is both stylish and disciplined. Attentive, organized and efficient in all that she does, Jenny does not sacrifice fitness and fashion for motherhood. She can do it all, and according to Jenny, “can rock a two-minute shower.” Here is more from Jenny about her fashion sense:

” I grew up in southern California with the idea that anything goes and it is fun to be an individual

– Having a mom who wore black, black and more black threw me in the other direction: I like color!

– If I can wash it there is a much higher probability that it will last longer in my closet than one season

– My husband and 13-year old son know me better sometimes than I know myself and have saved me from regrettable, trendy purchases many, many times

– When I get myself and my two little girls dressed I often pick coordinating outfits. You might see us all running around town in a nautical stripe, or plum/turquoise colors or chambray bottoms.”

~ Jenny

I say, Full Speed Ahead, Jenny! You go, girl!

Jenny’s Navy Days

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours