My Fashion Resolutions

Photo: Lisa Reznik

Photo: Lisa Reznik

A big Happy New Year to you! I have been under a rock since New Year’s Eve – sick with bronchitis – and I have missed you! But I am lifting myself out of the dumps and finding my groove again, just in time for the New Year. Making resolutions at the beginning of a year can create major stress, especially when they become impossible goals that only set you up for failure. It’s the same with your approach to fashion – it can seem too overwhelming: be careful of clothing ruts … be more adventurous … stay away from wearing too much black … change your handbag more often … update your wardrobe … get rid of old clothes … dress your age … don’t dress your age … what does that even mean? I think it’s helpful to remember just a few things, going forward. Perhaps sharing my fashion resolutions will inspire you:

Wear what feels right – When you feel good, you look good. That’s the most important thing to remember; if I am uncomfortable in a certain blouse or a pair of shoes, I will know it and others will too. It doesn’t matter that it’s the style-of-the-moment or a popular designer. If it doesn’t feel right to you then it isn’t. Protect your inner confidence with the right clothing and the rest will take care of itself.

Find clothes that fit – Make sure everything you put on fits you. And if it doesn’t and you love it, then have a tailor fix it. Truly, your tailor can be your new best friend. Let the clothing bring out the best in you with a true-match fit.

Start from the inside – A good fit starts with the right bra. Take care to update your bras every 6 months, Everything will look better and you will be inspired to watch your posture, too. In fact, check all of your undergarments to make sure they are worthy of you!

Watch for fashion waste – Don’t buy what you absolutely don’t love or don’t need. Wear only what you love. Let go of the rest and share it with someone else.

Try lipstick – I can’t have a happy day without my lipstick. It is the best picker-upper I know.

xo Melissa




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