Cinderella Goes to the Sample Sale!

Rent the Runway's Secaucus NJ warehouse

Rent the Runway’s Secaucus NJ warehouse – Photo courtesy of Racked/Driely S.

Sample sales are fun opportunities to find your favorite designer items for a fraction of the price. But a sample sale at the warehouse and home to Rent the Runway’s selections, with a whopping 50% off everything, is well worth the visit. Yesterday was the last day of RTR’s weekend sample sale (which comes twice a year) and I decided to see it for myself. Walking into an entire warehouse of beautiful things at to-die-for prices was like capturing a bit of magic for myself. And I was not alone – there was an energy everyone shopping with me shared.

At RTR, women are offered their very own Cinderella experience with the chance to rent designer outfits at a fraction of the cost. With this easy and affordable access to luxury brands, RTR has changed the retail landscape. But unlike the brand’s four other retail stores customers can purchase their items at the RTR Warehouse Store (located in Secaucus, NJ). Just outside Manhattan, the shoppable warehouse is both home to retired RTR clothing and to the company’s massive dry cleaning operation.

Although the dresses were unique and stunning, I kept my purchase to an accessory: an Elizabeth and James handbag which retails for over $500 – for $58. This Cinderella did so well shopping and saving at the RTR sample sale, she really did live happily ever after!



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Rent the Runway

Co-founders of Rent the Runway: Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman

Co-founders of Rent the Runway: Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman                                              Photo Source: Guest of a Guest

Rent the Runway is a company with a mission – to democratize fashion and empower women to feel beautiful every day. We work directly with over 170 designers to provide access to rent dresses, accessories, and more for just a fraction of the price.”  ~ RTR

Kelsey opened the door to Rent the Runway: now, let’s walk in …

If you want to feel great and wear a high-end dress for a special occasion but can’t afford to buy it, consider Rent the Runway. If you want to experiment with the latest couture looks but can’t commit to the prices, consider Rent the Runway. If you want to work with someone personally who can match your style and help with fit, consider Rent the Runway. RTR is a membership-based company that provides top designer dresses and accessories – to rent, for a fraction of the purchase price. You can work with a stylist or on your own to find the perfect dress.

We all want to feel glamorous and see ourselves in the best light. Often times, however, it comes at too-high a price and our self esteem and self expression is compromised. I wish I knew about Rent the Runway when I was attending the wedding circuit in my 20s and 30s. I could have saved so much money without sacrificing style.

It’s a solid option …

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Kelsey rents the runway

Kelsey, wearing her Rent the Runway blue lace dress

Kelsey, wearing her Rent the Runway Nicole Miller blue lace dress

When Kelsey got married her sister tried a new approach when shopping for her yellow bridesmaid’s dress. Rather than spend money to buy a dress, her sister opted to rent the dress instead – from Rent the Runway, a membership-based company where you can rent high-end designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of their purchase price. Her sister had such a positive experience that when Kelsey needed a dress for a wedding she knew where to go. I spoke with Kelsey about the experience with RTR and of course, the beautiful blue dress …

MKG: This was your first time using Rent the Runway?

Kelsey: Yes. I had seen my sister’s experience go so well that I decided to try it for myself. I think she had heard about Rent the Runway originally from her friend. Continue reading

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