Eva says, “If not now … When?”

Rosetta Grey shoes – all of Eva’s favorite things: good height, good leather, retro style

I met Eva at work and was struck by her original fashion sense and creative style. But Eva and I really bonded when we discovered our mutual love of Loehmann’s and why we miss it now that it is gone. I understand so well how Eva feels about her clothes and the personal relationship she has with each and every piece. And I am familiar with Eva’s story about how her love of fashion started. Here is Eva …

My love of fashion started when I was a little girl, shopping with my mom. I learned everything about the art of shopping for a good sale from her. Of course, there was an effort to be fiscally responsible but shopping for a good buy was so much more; it was about learning to shop creatively. I grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, home to the original Daffy’s  discount store. My mom and I would shop at Daffy’s and then head over to the Shoe Town across the street – that was our thing. We always had a time limit to our shopping day and I learned how to have fun with shopping and to be creative within constraints, something that is a big part of me to this day …

I grew up in a school environment which required me to dress with certain restrictions. I can trace my love of shoes to this time in my life. Shoes and accessories were the elements that helped me to stand out and step away from the conformity and simply, be myself. When I went to college and experienced total fashion freedom that was the moment I fell in love with vintage shopping – and learned how to fully express my individuality …

My husband calls me the vulture when I shop: I circle with great patience and wait for the right moment to make my purchase. It is really the thrill of the hunt for me. Continue reading

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Fashion Collaboration: Rebecca Minkoff and A Pea In The Pod

Rebecca Minkoff wearing her Rebecca Minkoff/A Pea In The Pod Collection Long-Sleeve Maternity Shirt

Rebecca Minkoff wearing Rebecca Minkoff/A Pea In The Pod Collection Long-Sleeve Maternity Shirt: Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Eighteen years ago I entered the maternity ward of the hospital, about to give birth to my son Eric, wearing a bright yellow mini dress. With my huge stomach, I can only imagine how much I looked like an enormous bumble bee. I sure could have used Rebecca Minkoff to style me, then! Lucky Magazine interviews designer Rebecca Minkoff, who has teamed up with A Pea In The Pod, following the birth of her second child. Minkoff has designed luxury, sophisticated-chic maternity pieces, just in time for the holidays. Says Minkoff: “I think pregnancy is sexy – I say embrace it! Wear things that make you feel powerful, sexy and great and show off that bump.”

Maternity style, the Rebecca Minkoff way?? I’m buying it!

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More loving leopard: Rebecca Minkoff Macey Oxfords

IMGP1253I feel like there’s a casual element to everything I design so that it never feels too stuffy or too dressed up and I definitely feel that I got that from my San Diego roots.”                       ~ Rebecca Minkoff, designer and native Californian

Designer Rebecca Minkoff started with a signature handbag, the “morning after bag.” Most people may not know this but four years before she launched her first handbag, she launched a 5-piece apparel collection. Since those early days in her career, she has developed a full-scale lifestyle brand. In yesterday’s second installment of  #shopthehangout with Google+ and in partnership with the CFDA, Rebecca Minkoff talked Continue reading

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DVF: “Fear is not an option”

The glorious Diane von Furstenberg

The glorious Diane von Furstenberg  – Image credit: Wikipedia, at the 2009 Metropolitan Opera premiere

Last night I had an intimate conversation with Diane von Furstenberg. It felt that way as I watched “Shop the Hangout with Diane von Furstenberg,” a new online shopping experience with Google+, in partnership with The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). This was the first of what will be several future ‘Shop the Hangouts‘ with designers. Interviewed by Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, the conversation became a global hangout as special guest, beauty expert and entrepreneur Michelle Phan and five women from around the world had questions for Diane. It was 40 minutes of pure magic. That’s because Diane von Furstenberg is wise and witty and wonderful. Here are some DVF thoughts, life advice and uplifting inspirations:

On the wrap dress: “A good thing is good forever … So many people have wrap stories … I decided that to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress we are collecting stories and photographs. Continue reading

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