What does being a fashion designer at 13 look like?

IRT2014 springBhaman03Isabella Rose Taylor – Bella – is a fashion designer about to launch her first collection to a top retailer. That statement, in and of itself, is remarkable and so very impressive. But there’s more remarkable, because Bella is only 13 years old. Yes, thirteen. What’s extraordinary, however, is that when you meet Bella, you aren’t aware of any age; just that you are speaking to a beautiful, creative spirit who is making her dreams happen …

MKG: What was it like growing up in Austin, Texas? What were the influences on fashion?

BELLA: Austin has always been known for its food and music, and now fashion is making strides, as well. Austin Fashion Week is an established annual event, and the city is up-and-coming when it comes to fashion. There are some great designers in Austin, too; Ross Bennett has been very supportive of me.

MKG: What happened when you went to sewing camp at 8 years old? Was a dream born?

BELLA: I began painting when I was three years old. Continue reading

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