Men in Red Pants

The man in the heather purple suit, Fifth Avenue

The man in the heather-purple suit, Fifth Avenue

A few months ago, Kevyn at Prada, told me that, for the first time, more men than women are coming in to shop. He told me “they are looking for something new and are not afraid to try new things and experiment. It used to be the opposite …” ~ Kevyn

Ingrid Steffensen has been keeping an eye on the New York City streets and is seeing exactly what Kevyn is seeing. I am grateful to Ingrid for being my eyes and ears in the city. Here is Ingrid’s story about: The Men in Red Pants (and Green, and Orange, and Purple, and …)

With our daughter studying abroad for a year, my husband and I are trying out a year of living in New York City. We have temporarily left our charming three-bedroom suburban house in New Jersey and we’re renting a tiny Manhattan apartment in the Flatiron District. Is this as fun as it sounds? I’m sorry to have to say – yes, yes it is. After sixteen years in New Jersey, I’m having the time of my life soaking up the city – so much to see, so much to do! One of the most fun things is keeping an eye out for what everybody is wearing. And do you know my conclusion? Right now it’s the boys who are more interesting to watch! Continue reading

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32209In just two days New York will host the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for fall 2013 collections. And this Friday, I will be outside Lincoln Center taking my photo to honor the event: on the outside, looking in. I started this tradition last February – the first month that I began writing Speaking of Fashion. I called it: An outsider’s view of New York Fashion Week. A year later, I am still an outsider, but an inspired outsider.

I am not a fashion insider. I never have been. I have never worked for a fashion house or a retail store. I did a little part-time work at a high-end consignment shop when my youngest son was in kindergarten and I loved, loved, loved helping women find things for themselves. What I am is a woman who simply loves to express myself through my fashion choices. I see the beauty in it and the joy in putting things together so that I can be my best self. I am also a mother of two teenage sons and a special-needs cat. When the phone rings I cross my fingers hoping it isn’t the school calling to tell me that I have to pick up a sick child (and yes, this happened this morning!).

And so when Fashion Week comes to New York, and I am lucky enough to live close, I make the trip to Lincoln Center, to breathe in the air and the energy. I don’t have to worry about managing the crowds and the traffic, what shoes to wear – flats or heals?, or keeping my energy up for the excruciating schedule of shows and events. What I do instead is simply feel inspired, remember the role that fashion can play in our lives, how it affects who we are and our sense of self. It is still symbolic for me. Still exciting. Still Fashion Week; my outside view, but a beautiful view just the same.

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours