Nicole Turns 30 and Body Boop Moves Forward


Nicole Stephani

It was a year ago that I met writer Nicole Stephani; she was then Nicole Rohr, about to be married. It’s a big day for anyone, but for Nicole, it came as a special milestone, as she had successfully battled years of eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia. Nicole has worked hard to accept herself just as she is, and in her commitment to share her story with honesty and openness, Nicole created Body Boop. Created in March 2014, Body Boop has grown in its following, providing hope and inspiration to people everywhere. I promised to follow Nicole on her journey, and I am happy to report that at the time of Nicole’s 30th birthday, she is moving forward with continued courage and positivity. Here is my latest conversation with Nicole …

MKG: Tell me about Body Boop’s mission. What has changed since its inception?

Nicole: Body Boop started as a personal outlet. I had always wanted to write a blog about my story. But prior to 2012 I wasn’t ready; I wanted to start when I was well into my recovery. I created Body Boop in March, 2014. As it developed, I began to feel more confident. The more I shared, the more I noticed that I started receiving messages from friends, from strangers, from so many people who felt supported and heard. I saw that this was now more than a personal story; it was a chance to create a place where others could be heard and supported – where they knew they were not alone. Continue reading

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