Child’s Pose in the Sunlight

Photography by Michal Efron

“Child’s Pose” Photography by Michal Efron

The clothes I wear to meditate and exercise are most meaningful to me. They lead me to the light, the understanding, the relaxation, and the power to be my best and most pure self. I realized recently that what you wear to exercise is important; when you choose comfort and fit and quality it says that you matter. At the very moment when I chose to select the proper clothes, I gave myself permission to practice with authority. Clothing does that. Namaste.

Outift – T for Talbots; Photographed at MONDO Summit

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A mindful moment …


“Relax your face. Soften your jaw. Picture yourself smiling.” These were Trish’s first words as we began today’s yoga class, my first in a very long time. And later, her message was more powerful as we practiced making circle motions, giving our waists a massage: “We are always focusing on the outside, with our skin creams and our mirrors and the clothes we wear; sometimes it’s good to start from the inside and think about our inner cells and how hard they are working. When we focus on creating beauty on the inside first, the outside beauty naturally follows.” ~ Trish, my yoga instructor

We ended with a three-minute meditation on joy. Uplifting!

Peace to all, light to all, love to all. Namaste.

Your thoughts?

I love comments. Feel free to share yours