I Can’t Find my Watch!

My Grandma Eleanor’s Longines watch

My beautiful Grandma Eleanor’s watch! I have been sad for a few months, over the fact that my Grandma Eleanor’s watch, passed down to me from my cousin Michelle, is missing. I remember taking it off, and then nothing … I can’t remember where I put it after I took it off. I know it is close to me but I just can’t seem to find it. I have said prayers to the Universe, checked both my car and my house – even my office – in depth – but so far, have come up empty. In the two months since it has been gone, it’s been like losing my Grandma all over again. This white gold watch was an anniversary gift my Grandpa gave my Grandma. Delicate and close-fitting, every time I put it on, I felt my Grandma Eleanor holding my wrist, holding my hand. A classic, this Longines watch is timeless (excuse the pun!) and will never go out of style. Beyond the cost, it is the sentimental value that is worth more than anything to me. I am hopeful that sharing this news with you will help bring this favorite piece of jewelry back! Positive thinking does wonders!

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