How ‘Look For The Woman’ Was Born

Anita: Look For The Woman

Anita Irlen: Look For The Woman

MKG: What was the inspiration for your website, Look For The Woman?

ANITA: I started reading fashion blogs approximately 10 years ago. That was when fashion and style blogging really started. What I noticed was that fashion blogs were mostly written by young women for young women. I looked around and tried to find someone older who was speaking to older women, like me. What little I did find was cliché-laden and not very high quality. I wanted something different, something for women who wanted to “age differently” whatever that means to them personally. I thought I could do better –  that’s how Look For The Woman was born.

MKG: How long have you been writing?

ANITA: I dabbled with what I would call “serious” writing years ago. I loved it but then lost it. My blog has existed for almost two years now. I try to write everyday. I don’t always, but when I do, I love it, like I used to. It’s intimidating, it’s hard, but if you believe you have something to say you just plug along. Continue reading

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