The Charmer who is Leandra Medine

Courtesy: Fashionista - Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine (left) interviewed by Fashionista’s Chantal Fernandez Monday night. Photo: Meghan Uno/Fashionista

ManRepeller is like an onion. You have to peel the layers to see it unfold. It’s not supposed to feel prescriptive.” ~ Leandra Medine

I had just returned from a quick bathroom break and realized with a little horror that the interview had already started. My heart sank for a moment when I heard a voice introduce her, my favorite fashion blogger, Leandra Medine. As I walked up the aisle to my seat, Leandra made eye contact with me and we smiled. She had me from that moment, the pure charmer who is Leandra Medine. Originator of the blog and phenomenon, ManRepeller. Leandra shared her story and offered words of wisdom with Chantal Fernandez at Fashionista’s NYC Fashion Meetup Series.

Leandra talked about how ManRepeller took off unexpectedly in 2010 and how she has been building it into something of substance and aligning herself with solid, talented people since. “I trust my gut.” Leandra talked about believing in the Mickey Drexler (Chairman and CEO of J. Crew) emotional IQ test, a ‘fire-pit-in-belly’ ring through which one connects with the right people.

I was there, in the audience with the college grads and 20-somethings, all looking for answers and fashion advice as they start their careers. I am of course at a different place in my life but I was inspired as anyone, perhaps even more. Because it was not about age, it was not about facts and figures – it was about instinct and honesty and humor and vulnerability and feeling – all things Leandra Medine. I walked away from the interview reminded that everything is possible and one’s career can start at any time. I believe in Leandra’s sentiments when she says, “Everyone gets what he/she wants. You just have to be clear about what it is you want.”

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