What Leandra Medine Thinks About Dressing With Originality

Krista Anna Lewis for Man Repeller


When I started my blog 7 years ago, there was an outstanding young writer starting a website called Man Repeller. That writer was Leandra Medine; Man Repeller has become a multi-media business and in my opinion, a global fashion masterpiece. I follow it – and Leandra – religiously – to this day. In fact, when Fashionista interviewed her in NYC a year ago, I ran to see her and wrote about it on TFIO.  So now, I feel like I know her! Leandra spoke to InStyle Magazine about what it means to be an original – her words are so comforting, I happily share them with you. Here is Leandra Medine on dressing originally:

There’s a quote attributed to Coco Chanel that often turns up on Facebook profiles: ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.’ I’ve read it so many times that in spite of its underlying message—be original—it’s become, ironically, completely unoriginal.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. We’re taught as kids to follow our heart and our gut, not what popular opinion recommends. Only when we’re truly one of a kind, we’re told, will we be destined for greatness.

But is this concept overrated? I’m tempted to think so. To be original, according to the wise oracle Google, is to be an eccentric, unusual person. Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday PODCAST: THE PROM!

The table shot from my Senior Prom - that's me in the middle

The table shot from my Senior Prom – that’s me in the middle

So, it’s Prom Week. My high school senior, Eric, is going to his prom in two days; we just picked up his classic black tuxedo. And I, inspired by Man Repeller, as I often am, ask this question for Throwback Thursday: say I was going to the Prom now – what would I wear? The answer is that I do not regret anything about my Senior Prom dress, and I would do most everything the same as I did in 1978. Everything, but one thing. Listen to my podcast to hear what that one thing would be …

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