Wearing my Grandma’s Watch

My Grandma Eleanor's Longines watch

My Grandma Eleanor’s Longines watch

Several years ago my Cousin Michelle surprised me with my Grandma Eleanor’s watch. Michelle wanted me to have it – this beautiful Longines white gold watch. My Grandpa had given it to her for a special wedding anniversary and when I held it in my hands I knew I would treasure it forever. I made it my own when I took in a few of the links and started to wear it every day. Little did I know that my Grandma wore this same watch, every day herself. When Michelle told me recently that every one of her memories of our Grandma were of her wearing this watch, I was moved. I loved my Grandma Eleanor dearly; to think that we share this piece of jewelry is like having her squeeze my hand and letting me know she is still with me. Strong magic for a piece of jewelry.


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This is my Dress for Success!

revision-1I started a new job a month ago. I love it and I am grateful for the opportunity. Like most new jobs it is also an adjustment: new schedule, new things to learn, new skills to sharpen – the key word is new. Clearly, the beginning of a job is a time for feeling vulnerable and unsure of oneself. The trick is to look to your clothes for protection and treat them like the armor they truly are. I often talk about the power of clothes. There is something so comforting about letting the right clothes do the talking for you – letting your clothes help you feel good about yourself, even when your inner-self is feeling a little shaky and unsure. Clothes can do that. For starters, choose clothing with good color and fit. The rest will take care of itself.

My Power Dress is a gray fit-and-flare knit I bought when I worked (most recently) at Talbots. Dresses are the best go-to’s because simple, one-piece dressing is easy and keeps the decision-making to a minimum. Mine is a seasonal favorite, perfect for fall, winter, and the early stages of spring. Gray is one of my good colors (as I discovered during my color consultation with fashion specialist, Rivka, and her partner Cindy Joseph). With it, I have room to experiment with my accessories. The best part is that it does the trick. I put it on, I feel safe and in control, and off to work I go.

If you are starting a new job or even if you are about to undertake something new and challenging and perhaps difficult, think about the clothes you will be wearing. Do they give you a sense of strength and protection to face your day? If not, look for something you love. It will lift you and carry you a long way.

Dress and necklace –Talbots; watch (from my Grandmother) – Longines; date book – Henri Bendel

Photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

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