My Off-The-Shoulder Blouse is Made Well!

Optimized-P1050926Optimized-P1050931Optimized-P1050935After a long search, I finally found an off-the-shoulder blouse that feels right. It took a lot of sorting and examining, and simply – trying on. Here is what I discovered about wearing this hot summer trend:

– off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses absolutely require that you stand straight and use your best posture

– I prefer this style blouse with a cover flap at the top. I found that the style without the flap was less flattering and simply hung on the body, without much shape

– although I had my mind set on a dress, off-the-shoulder blouses are just as versatile, and perhaps even more so, in that you can wear them with several options

I chose this white eyelet blouse by Madewell for its simplicity and style. I feel good about my choice. You?

Blouse, Madewell; sandals, Tory Burch; denim shorts, Kohl’s – Photo by Abrina Hyatt


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I’m easy like Sunday morning

IMGP1471IMGP1481IMGP1482IMGP1486That’s why I’m easy, I’m easy like Sunday morning” ~ Lionel Richie

Sunday mornings are special. Sleep in, wake early; the morning is yours to do as you please. My new favorite treat is a cup of coffee with half-and-half, and a trip to town – sometimes to the farmer’s market, sometimes to the local cafe to read the paper, and sometimes to do both. Yesterday it was The Wall Street Journal, for a change.

My easy outfit of choice? Shirt: Juicy Couture; hat: Nordstrom; shorts and espadrilles; Kohl’s.

Photos by Alexandra

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours