Wearing Vintage in Soho

There’s something about wearing vintage clothes in the middle of Soho, NY. Maybe it’s the cobblestone streets or imagining the lives of the individuals within those streets, but vintage suits just fine. That’s the thing about vintage: it’s not like anything else you will see at a mall and you probably won’t see another person wearing the same thing. It’s unique for you. This soft, leopard jacket that I purchased at my friend Gabrielle’s store, The Collective, is one-of-a-kind. I almost didn’t get it because of the extreme 1980’s style shoulder pads (which I thought were too much for me), but Gabrielle encouraged me and I am thrilled that I did. So when I found myself in Soho on a beautiful and amazingly warm day for October, I smiled in my shorts, knowing that I was the only one in that moment who looked like me!

Jacket, vintage; shorts Kohl’s; t-shirt, Rag & Bone; boots, Coach; socks, Wolford

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Stop Wearing my Denim Cutoffs?

Wearing my favorite denim cut-off shorts from Kohl’s

The answer is … No! I have a favorite pair of denim cutoff shorts I purchased at Kohl’s (for a great price, by the way!) – I continue to pull them out every summer. They are still my go-to and I don’t see the need to change that now that I am 57. And Vogue agrees!

September marks the 125th Anniversary of Vogue Magazine and tucked in its many pages is a question that has reared its head for me and other women: what’s the age cutoff for denim cutoffs? Vogue contributor Alexandra Macon asks her colleagues their opinions about when to stop wearing denim cutoff shorts – 30? – younger? older? Though she finds differing opinions in the answers, Macon settles on the wise words of Vogue’s denim editor, Kelly Connor: “The bottom line is the look can be achieved at any age as long as it’s done right. This means keeping problem areas covered by taking shape into account with distressing kept to a minimum. And, ultimately, as with most looks that are somewhat fashion-forward, it’s all about how you carry yourself. If you can wear a shorter cutoff with sophistication and confidence, then all the power to you—no matter what your age!”

It must be true if it’s Vogue!


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My Off-The-Shoulder Blouse is Made Well!

Optimized-P1050926Optimized-P1050931Optimized-P1050935After a long search, I finally found an off-the-shoulder blouse that feels right. It took a lot of sorting and examining, and simply – trying on. Here is what I discovered about wearing this hot summer trend:

– off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses absolutely require that you stand straight and use your best posture

– I prefer this style blouse with a cover flap at the top. I found that the style without the flap was less flattering and simply hung on the body, without much shape

– although I had my mind set on a dress, off-the-shoulder blouses are just as versatile, and perhaps even more so, in that you can wear them with several options

I chose this white eyelet blouse by Madewell for its simplicity and style. I feel good about my choice. You?

Blouse, Madewell; sandals, Tory Burch; denim shorts, Kohl’s – Photo by Abrina Hyatt


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I’m easy like Sunday morning

IMGP1471IMGP1481IMGP1482IMGP1486That’s why I’m easy, I’m easy like Sunday morning” ~ Lionel Richie

Sunday mornings are special. Sleep in, wake early; the morning is yours to do as you please. My new favorite treat is a cup of coffee with half-and-half, and a trip to town – sometimes to the farmer’s market, sometimes to the local cafe to read the paper, and sometimes to do both. Yesterday it was The Wall Street Journal, for a change.

My easy outfit of choice? Shirt: Juicy Couture; hat: Nordstrom; shorts and espadrilles; Kohl’s.

Photos by Alexandra

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