Prom Dress Shopping, For Real!

Shopping fabrics with Kira

The conversation with my friend and fashion designer, Kira Ross, was not your typical, “What are you wearing to the Prom?” Not, because Kira wasn’t planning to go to a random store in search of a one-of-a-kind dress. Instead, Kira was going to do what she does best – pick out a fabulous fabric and make her dress herself, especially now, for her Senior Year. And as we talked about it I realized … I had to go along for Kira’s journey … and document everything. The shopping, the designing, and ultimately, the big reveal.

This Sunday was shopping day in The Garment District in New York. There are two blocks where Kira likes to “snake my way up and down the streets” to find the perfect fabric. It can take a while, Kira explained: “I like to touch the fabrics so I will know how it works and how it will fit. When a fabric has a little give, it is easier to work with … I don’t really have a specific color in mind, it varies so much. And a fabric looks very different once it’s off the bolt.” Knowledgeable words from a very talented artist and designer. As we strolled the stores and aisles of fabric and prints – plaid, gingham, silk charmeuse, silk satin, stone-washed silk, seersucker, crepe de chine, twill, taffeta, cotton – I was aware that Kira’s gift was to see the possibility of a dress. To look beyond the colors and textures and see herself in something she would make. To be so close to fabrics was intoxicating. Continue reading

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Kira is Designing Her Life

Kira, from her very first blog post

Kira, from her very first blog post: While She Walks!

Kira Ross is completing her Junior year of high school. In many ways, she is like other high school students. And yet, she isn’t. Because Kira is not afraid to stand out. In fact, she wants to be different, and expresses that through her clothes – original designs she makes herself. Here is Kira …

MKG: Did you always love fashion?

KIRA: Yes, I always loved dressing myself in the mornings. It was my way of making the school day more interesting. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I started sewing my own clothes ad I became more ‘hands-on’ with my fashion interest.

MKG: What is it about fashion and self expression?

KIRA: I like wearing things that are different; I prefer to stand out than to be like everyone else. There’s a wall you have to get over – it’s more about whatyou think of yourself than what others think of you. Once you climb that wall, you just keep going further. Continue reading

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