In college and khakis

Eric in college and khakis

Eric, in college and khakis

I saw many changes in my son, Eric, when he came home for Thanksgiving. His first year at college is bringing great signs of independence and a new sense of self and self expression. But the one change that caught my eye was his new-found sense of style. This once oh-so-casual-dresser now loves wearing khakis and flannel shirts – keeping it neat and simple. Just a few years ago I couldn’t beg him to dress in khakis, except for holiday occasions and now he tells me that he prefers this way of dressing.

The interesting part in this fashion equation is that I am not a part of it. This all evolved without me. Left on his own, Eric has found his style (style of the moment, at least) without any interference or participation on my part. That is because how we choose to dress belongs to us. When left alone we learn what we like and don’t like and what feels best. And college is the perfect time to figure that out. As a grownup, I seem to recall that I found my own style during the college years. As a parent, I am blown away by the many transitions and moments of letting go that are weaving in and out of my life. As a lover of fashion, I am moved by the reminder that clothes are personal and our singular stamp of identification.

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